Dashboards + Reporting for Agencies


Are your clients asking to see up-to-the-minute performance of campaigns? 

Is your team spending 3+ hours a week pulling numbers from everything from Google Analytics to Adwords and shoving them into endless Excel spreadsheets? 

Having that sinking feeling the data you're looking at isn't accurate or you're missing something?

Put all your marketing and sales data in one spot, know you're tracking the right things + save an average of 8+ hours per week in typically non-billable time with StrategyBox Klipfolio Dashboards.

As a Klipfolio Partner we leverage class-leading dashboard software to bring all your campaign data into one place that can be accessed at any time.

We work with digital and media agencies big + small. Check out some of our reports here:

  • Media Report 
  • B2B Agency Dashboard

Book a 15 minute Report Review today. We can talk about your current Reports, process, + how much time you can save immediately. 


strategybox is a klipfolio partner

how we can help you

time saved

On average we save our customers 8+ hours per week on reporting. No longer are teams wasting time pulling data from disparate sources and shoehorning them into endless spreadsheets. Then preparing Powerpoints that clients just glance over.

If you think of your team's time as $100/hr that 8 hours per week is over $36k in typically non-billable time saved per year!

data you can trust

Our on-boarding process includes a proprietary 85 Point Analytic + Data Source Audit. Ensuring you are accurately capturing how your campaigns are performing

reporting for your clients + you

Dashboards are accessible to you and your clients 24/7. We will even help you set-up automated alerts so your clients never miss a report

Also, want more nuanced information about campaign performance? Alerted when campaigns are over or underperforming? We can create Internal Agency Dashboards, check out a sample here!

our approach

less is more

You don't need 50 numbers in a report when 5 will tell the same story. We reduce what you track to only what you need to understand, and trust, in your data to take action on it

don't assume

We ask a lot of 'dumb' questions to ensure we understand your business. Translating that into intuitive solutions for you  

Fit in

Our solutions always 'fit in'to your current processes; no additional effort for you, with an emphasis on training to ensure your Dashboard is a snap to use

How Do I Start?

Set-up (2 Weeks)

  • Answer a short questionnaire about your current reports, goals + data sources
  • Review a 'Draft' Dashboard with a dedicated StrategyBox Customer Success Manager
  • Our Analytics Experts review your data sources - from Google Analytics to Facebook Ad Manager - ensuring your data is accurate; providing you with any necessary changes 
  • After approval our team connects your data sources to your Dashboard


  • Our team monitors your Dashboard, + data sources, ensuring they are always operational + accurate


Based on number of data sources required to display in your dashboard, + if any custom coding is required. You know all fees upfront and we charge:

  • Set-up: One Time Fee
  • On-Going: Monthly based on the number of Dashboards 

Our fees are generally 5-10% of your client retainer; including all software licenses + support

On average our agency customers save 8+ hours per week currently spent on reporting. What can your team do with that reclaimed time?

Get all your data in one place, book a 15 minute Report Review now. We'll chat about your goals, what you're tracking and how much time you can save 

who is strategybox?

"I've spent the last 8 years advising the C-Suites of startups to $250M+ companies on marketing strategy. Observing explosion of social media, + online advertising, along the way.

We now have more access to data on what customers look like. Plus, more ad products than ever to reach them

All this data, + these channels, hold the promise of reaching a customer at exactly the right time + knowing how every marketing dollar contributes to a sale

The problem the often overwhelming amount of data available to today's marketer. How do you make sense of the firehose of data + metrics so you can stand out?

That's why I started StrategyBox. I enjoy making data simple + effective. That way you can spend time producing great products + experiences. Not worrying whether some Adword campaign is working"

 - Aaron Vidas, Founder

our agency customers save 8+ hours per week on reporting

what could your team do with that time?


  • What if my data is all over the place? Our experienced team members will work with you to collect, catalog + cleanse your data in order to get it into your Dashboard 

  • What data sources do you support? Everything from Google Analytics to AppNexus. We specialize in connecting to difficult data sources + can even ingest offline data into the Dashboards + Reports.

  • Why can’t someone on my team do this? In our experience we cut the time for Dashboard installation by 75%. Plus, you leverage our extensive experience in business analytics to ensure you're tracking the right metrics

  • Will my data be secure? We employ industry-standard encryption at every stage of contact with you and your data. Unique instances of Dashboards are created just for you 

  • What if I want to manage this in-house after you set it up? We offer special rates for one-off projects 

Ready to put all your data in one place and save 100's of hours? 

Book a 15 minute call now to discuss how Klipfolio Dashboards can help you, today.