Hi there, my name is Aaron Vidas and I am Founder and CEO of StrategyBox. My reason for starting this company is simple: I found traditional management consulting doesn't work most of the time. It’s expensive and doesn’t acknowledge the fact that building a company isn’t a rational process. 

Building a company is all about taking calculated risks and creating something bigger than yourself. That’s what motivates people the most. The result of motivated people? The world changes for the better.  

That process is accelerated when founders have a clear vision for where they want to go, coupled with an understanding of who they create the most value for—their most profitable customer.

This clarity trickles down to the employee level. When employees understand where the company is going, and how it creates, delivers and shares value, they will start to pursue opportunities that bring the company closer to that vision. Everyone wins.

This is why we designed our strategic planning work to be dead simple. We have two goals: Orient clients towards their most profitable customers. Ensure the entire organization understands how their business model works. All at a price a rapidly growing business can afford.

This blog is all about entrepreneurship, finding the right customers and building things that change the world. As often as possible, I will feature video interviews with entrepreneurs talking about how their businesses came to be and where they see opportunities to grow.

I’m looking forward to posting every second Monday of the month. So say hello or suggest a topic, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

- Aaron