CMO in a Box is an attribution software service that calculates marketing ROI for retail companies. Then recommends what to do next to drive up your sales in your online and real world stores.

It's more sales for the same marketing budget.


CMO IN A BOX discovered an instagram campaign with 4681% ROI for AN international           menswear retailer

a typical day running marketing at a retail brand

It's busy, you're booking photo shoots. Figuring out content for next month's product launch. Talking to the CEO about next season’s snapchat promo campaign, then she asks:

  • What metrics should I pay attention to?
  • How do our online and offline activities working together to drive sales? 
  • Should we invest in SEO or Instagram ads?

It looks like it's going to be a few hours for you on Google Analytics and old spreadsheets to piece together the big picture.

What if there was a way to quickly tell how your marketing is performing? That way you can focus on telling a great story instead of worrying about if you're spending too much on Instagram ads?

enter cmo in a box

StrategyBox Flow to Dashboard

CMO in a Box is a marketing attribution software service that calculates your marketing ROI. Then suggests what to do next to drive up sales in your online and real world stores

We scan 1000’s of on and offline data points to determine what’s working, and not, in your marketing. Every two weeks you receive:

  • A Dashboard - the performance of all your current marketing campaigns
  • Recommendations - tactical advice in plain English on what marketing channels to focus on and what marketing messaging and ad spends are working. Then what to do next to drive up sales.

All delivered via email or Slack. 


it's your marketing, made simple.

cmo in a box provides

more sales

We zero in on the most cost-effective channels and campaigns (both on and offline) that are driving customers into your stores. 

how marketing is driving people into your stores

How does content posted to your Facebook page in October driving in-store and ecommerce sales in January? CMO in a Box shows you how through a simple dashboard.

peace of mind

We are constantly monitoring 1000’s data points. Alerting you when costs get out of range and providing suggestions on what to do next to drive up sales and lower costs.

it works with the marketing technologies you're already using

why cmo in a box?


“I’ve advised the C-Suites of startups to $250M+ companies on marketing strategy. When it came to figure out how much to spend on what marketing channels, everyone just threw their hands up. I was told, ‘We know half our marketing works, we just don’t know what half!' 

I thought Theres got to be a better way. I spent the past seven years cataloguing the acquisition costs, patterns of buying behaviour and marketing strategies of 1000s of business models. Building that data into CMO in a Box, I want to make your marketing simple. That way you can spend time producing great products and experiences. Not worrying whether some Adword spend is optimal."

- Aaron Vidas, Founder


Every two weeks you receive: 

  • Personalized Dashboard summarizing your marketing performance
  • Plain English Recommendations on what to do next to drive up sales

Also included: 

  • A real-live CMO to answer your questions: FREE
  • Access to 100+ Vetted Expert Contractors: FREE


Delivering Value From Day 1

In the first 90 days we provide a report demonstrating the changes suggested by CMO in a Box and their effect on sales. If we havent provided results, you don't have to continue.

For every $1 you spend with CMO in a Box we aim to provide $8 in sales, and for this we charge a small set-up and mot


$105k in cost-savings identified within one week for a vancouver-based property developer

next steps

Why don't we show you what we can do?

Click now, answer 5 questions and we’ll provide you with 2-3 tailored Recommendations to immediately drive up sales.


frequently asked questions

  • What Platforms and Programs Do You Support? You’ll find a full list here. 
  • I don’t have enough data and it isn’t very clean? We’ve designed CMO in a Box to accept incomplete or “dirty” data. We’ve been able to provide Recommendations demonstrating a $900k increase in sales with little more than a one month marketing budget and 15 minute call.

  • How Long Does it Take to Set-up? An hour-long meeting to introduce the product to your team and answer questions. 

  • How Much Does it Cost? Visit our Pricing Page, today.

  • What if I can’t implement your changes? We have assembled a 100+ contractors - in everything from Facebook ads to direct mail - to assist you should your team not have the capacity currently to implement a recommendation or activate a campaign. 

  • What if I sell through channel partners or distributors? The software works as long as you can provide a sales projection and monthly sales summaries.

  • How Are You Keeping My Data Safe? Your data is encrypted upon entering our system and anonymized when it enters our database.