ever have the feeling you're spending a ton of time and money on sales + marketing that's not getting anywhere? 

Should you make changes to your marketing? Your sales process? Your product features? 

You’re not alone feeling this way.

IBM found that $83 Billion in marketing expenditure is wasted annually.
It's because the wrong tool and wrong message are used to market + sell to a prospective customer.

What if there was a service that could quickly answer:

  • What about marketing + sales, especially online, is working to bring in a profitable customer segment? 
  • Am I paying too much to acquire a customer? 
  • What do I need to change about my product in order to blow past the competition?
  • I’m entering a new market, who should I market to first? 

Now there is.

enter the customer profitability calculator

Using a proprietary process and algorithm - that’s catalogued 1000’s of B2B business models for why and how people buy - we can quickly identify your:

  • Most profitable customer segments
  • What it costs to acquire those customers
  • How well your marketing + sales activities are performing against your goals

And for all you SaaS companies, it provides:

  • Consistent Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV)
In one week we identified $112,800 in additional annual revenue using StrategyBox’s Process and Dashboard.
— National PR + Marketing Firm

How does it work?

To find your most profitable customer segments we:

  1. Align: your team around strategic goals, potential customer segments + acquisition costs
  2. Optimize:  your marketing + sales activities by analyzing your data
  3. Act: propose changes to boost profitability and lower customer acquisition cost you can implement immediately.

Our aim is to provide insights that lead to 8-10x ROI on fees. Implementation typically takes 3-5 weeks and requiring only a few hours of your team’s time in total.

it's clear and simple answers on what’s working, and what isn’t, in your marketing + sales.

want to see how we can help increase your profitability?

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