You’ve been reading a lot about how business’ are leveraging data to help market better + sell more. You keep hearing about things like ‘Mass personalization’; ‘Single-Point-of-Truth’; ‘Predictive Analytics’ and how they’re making potential customers raving fans of a brand.  

In the back of your head you’re thinking ‘Are these technologies for us? I’ve got all this data, how I make it useful?

That’s where Strategybox comes in. We assess where your organization’s data are at, analyze your marketing performance + bring your data into one place. 

It’s the tangible way to start using your data everyday, so you: 

  • Have one place the CEO on down can look at your marketing performance 
  • Get your strategic marketing questions answered using your data
  • Have a plan - with an ROI - to leverage your data today + in the years to come


You are if you answer ‘yes’ to any of these:

  • Your team spends more than an hour a week just downloading reports from Google Analytics, Marketo, Salesforce, Facebook, Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s) + collating them into Reports
  • Questions like ’Should we be spending this budget on Facebook or Adwords?’ or ‘How much does it cost to acquire a customer for this product?’ come up  
  • Tried a Business Intelligence solution like Power BI, Tableau, DOMO or Klipfolio and haven’t been able to draw actionable data out of them


We use a proprietary 101 point checklist to assess your data sources, your Strategic Questions + plans. Answering ‘What is the ROI of leveraging your marketing data?’ Giving guidance on the tools, processes + people to employ long-term to make your data profitable. 


Typically our customers come to us with questions they want to extract from their data. We use our data models + AI-powered algorithms to answer those questions through a report in plain English. 

We’ve answered questions like:

  • How much should I spend, on what marketing channel, to return the most sales?
  • How are my conversion rates compared to my competition?
  • What customers are going to leave us? 
  • What content resonates most with our customers? 

Have a question about your marketing or sales performance? Chat with one our Data Experts for 10 minutes to see if your data, + our analysis expertise, can answer it in a matter of days.


You might have read about the latest multi-touch Attribution solution that gives you the cost of acquisition to the penny. In our experience, few organizations will immediately be able to take action on that kind of data. 

Most of the time you’re just trying to make sense of your marketing performance and what your team should focus on to drive up conversion and drive down cost. A dashboard brings marketing performance into one spot. No more having your team look in 12 different places + assembling a powerpoint. Just login and the numbers are there. 

We use Klipfolio as our dashboard provider and are one of Norh America’s largest customizers of the tool. It’s a class-leading dashboard tool we prefer because of its flexibility, stability, security and price. Having experience connecting the software to unique software, everything from reservation systems to call tracking software. 

Our templates, and experts, help you get up and running in days, not weeks of the typical Klipfolio install. 

  • 100’s of Hours Saved - no more downloading, collating and preparing reports
  • Your Questions Answered - your product profitability, customer acquisition cost or market budget optimization questions answered 
  • An easy way to start -  a plan for your business to get started leveraging data so you can leap ahead of the competition


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