0 - 100 Employees with No VC Funding | Cameron Laker CEO of the Mindfield Group

Welcome to the Inflection Point Podcast!

First off, thanks for listening. My name is Aaron Vidas and I am serial entrepreneur currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I'm tired of the dominant narrative of entrepreneurship right now is companies are “crushing it” all the time. 

So, I started Inflection Point to share the actual story of how a high-growth company is built. The mindset, tips, techniques and sometimes pure luck needed to grow a big business. Every week I’ll share the story of a founder or CEO of a 100+ person plus company and the story of how they got to where they are today.

My first guest is Cameron Laker, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindfield, a tech-enabled outsourced recruiting provider. He started the company at 26 with a blackberry and a business card. It’s now 100 employees in high season and here’s the cool thing, provides hourly workers to large retailers. Through a proprietary platform they screen and match candidates to jobs that will be a good culture fit for both.

Cameron was incredibly open and honest about his journey including:

- How he found a $1B+ market opportunity and how focusing on it exclusively skyrocketed his growth

- The moment he realized he needed to change as a leader if the company was going to continue to grow.

- A stupid mistake that almost killed the business in two weeks

In our chat he also recommends the book Blue Ocean Strategy by Chan Kim and Renee Maborgne

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