Running a Billion Dollar Company While Being Shot At | Robert Hacker

“I had my bank lines canceled twice, I had seven stores burn to the ground, then Walmart showed up, at this point you might think things were tough, but then it got tough.” - Robert Hacker

What happens when the currency your multi-billion dollar retailer deals in loses 80% of its value in 8 weeks? When your stores are subsequently set on fire?  And you’re shot at?  

In the 1990’s Robert Hacker presided over what became Indonesia’s largest retailer. Growing from a private, 20M company to one of the largest businesses in the country with 29k employees. Opening 1M square feet of retail space per year and hiring 6000 people annually.

He talks openly about how he moved forward in the face of overwhelming odds. And that’s only half his career. His second act was working as CFO of One Laptop Per Child where he attempted to get 1.5B laptops to children around the world.

Robert talks honestly about how he moved forward in the face of overwhelming odds. Plus how he: 

- Limited the downsides of his business so it will survive in a chaotic environment

- Structured his days so he could spend most of his time alone, thinking

- How to solve seemingly impossible problems

Robert recommended the book Why Information Grows by Cesar Hidalgo

He is the author of: 

Billion Dollar Company: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Models for High Growth Companies and Scaling Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from One Laptop per Child

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