How to Think When $100M's Are on the Line | Tony Greenberg CEO of RampRate

Let’s say you have a company that works directly with the C-Suite of Disney, AT&T, eBay, intel, sony and you help save them $100M’s per year on their IT needs. 

You guarantee 300% ROI to your customers and have optimized $25B in IT contracts.   

How big do you think the company needs to be? A couple thousand people? 500?

How about 50.

And that’s just the first remarkable thing about RampRate and it's founder and CEO, Tony Greenberg.

Tony discovering the internet when he bought some Cisco stock Tony has held a variety of leadership roles at companies in what we would now refer to as “the cloud.”

His company Ramprate is a manager of IT suppliers for its clients. So if you’ve ever watched March Madness on ESPN’s website Tony’s company arrange all of the technical suppliers that provide the “plumbing” behind the scenes to make watching that game on your laptop at work possible.

In our conversation Tony talks openly about his experience and how:

  • He happened upon a market opportunity where the challenge was managing demand vs going out looking for business
  • The same surprising thing motivates his team, clients and customer, even when they should be competing 
  • How he thinks when $100M’s are on the line  

Tony recommends the Thomas Cleary edition of Sun Tzu's Art of War and You Can Have it All by Arnold Patent.

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