The Dancing CEO | Bridgitte Alomes, CEO of Natural Pod

The first time I met Bridgitte, CEO and Founder of sustainable furniture manufacturer Natural Pod, it was around 2am in a forest on a remote island off the rugged coast of British Columbia. Bridgette has taught me that to accomplish your vision resting and renewal is just as important as execution. You gotta dance, get in nature and chat with friends.

NaturalPod make sustainable furniture for learning environments like schools. Here's an example at the Fairchild Junior Academy in Hong Kong where they designed and built the furniture. Her and her team are redefining how we think about classrooms, and how children develop and grow.

This is all the more remarkable considering Bridgette is a self-confessed introvert and started the company knowing virtually nothing about manufacturing, or early childhood education.

In this week's Inflection Point interview delves deep into:

- How to grow a business when you don't know anything about the industry and are a little

- What happens when you stop listening to blog posts and start listening to your gut

- Ensuring you have the power to accomplish all that you want by recharging through physical and spiritual self-renewal

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