The CEO Whisperer | Bix Bickson, World-Class Culture Consultant

Have you ever wondered how companies like lululemon and Starbucks have built such amazing cultures? 

He would never say this himself, but there's one guy that's been a big part of building them, his name is Bix Bickson. 

Bix is one of the most unique people I've ever known. He's helped transform the cultures of some of the world's most recognizable brands like Microsoft, Guinness Brewers and those aforementioned yoga pant and coffee purveyors. He's also from the South Side of Chicago and lived on a commune. 

He gets highly accomplished CEO's and senior leaders to have very honest conversations - both with themselves and their teams - about what's working and not in their businesses.

If you're interested in building a world-class culture or need to make some serious changes in your business quickly, this episode is for you. Specifically you'll learn: 

- What you can do today to open up honest and real lines of dialogue with their teams

- The world famous brand that was really scared of its own vision

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