StrategyBox is making the deluge of marketing data simple, so companies can take action on it. We help Marketers and Leadership Teams determine how their marketing activities actually drive results, then what to do next to drive up sales.

We are a Managed Service + Consulting company using our own machine learning algorithms, and software, to do it. 

We only hire pros dedicated to their craft. Our Leadership Team looks at all product, hiring and customer decisions by asking “What value will this add to our employee’s and customer’s lives in 60 years?” 

Our work environment is one of no ego, honest conversation and where processes just work. Freeing you up to be creative, present and engaged. And if things aren’t that way, you’re empowered to change them.

We're looking for part-time, and full-time, Data Scientists in charge of creating data models that answer meaty questions about our customer's businesses. You bring a level of mastery in data scientist so good an eleven year old would have no problem following along with what you're saying.

Here’s what you’ll do day-to-day:

  • Using a pre-defined plan, create data models export those results to our in-house server where the results are displayed in dashboards and reports for our cusotmers
  • Identify where our current process isn’t meeting a customer’s needs or a task can be done better
  • Liaise with our Development Team to hook up our customer’s data sources to dashboards 
  • Provide ongoing technical support and guidance 

Here’s What We’re Looking For

  • Courage - ability to have honest, forthright conversations with the team and customers. You’ve done the personal development work to be able to choose a response vs. react. You know your strengths, weaknesses and blindspots  understanding how your gifts help us all go farther
  • Intuitive - can read a room like a trial lawyer and know how to couch what you say so everyone from a marketer to a developer understands you
  • Eye For Detail + Systems - your mind gravitates towards the details and monitoring steps of how something progresses. You enjoy simplifying your life with systems and processes to free up time + mental space


  • 2-4 years+ in a Data Science Role where you advanced in responsibility and complexity of projects
  • Basic understanding of business and finance terms (You know what the statement “the Customer Acquisition Cost should be included in Cost of Goods Sold” means)
  • Strong knowledge of ETL frameworks, data normalization techniques and dealing with multiple data sources to solve a business problem
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics; Marketing Automation Platforms; Programmatic Platforms and all dominant Social Ad Platforms
  • You are a clear writer
  • You laugh, a lot

We’ve had great success already. We are poised to do so much more and transform how people and companies behave. Interested in doing work you’ll remember for the rest of your career?


Send the normal CV with a cover letter giving an example of how you use systems and processes to make your personal or professional life easier to jobs(at)!