Travel + Tourism

Running + marketing a travel or tourism business is tough.

Accounting takes weeks to prepare sales results and marketing spends. Your team is spending, on average, 8+ hours per week preparing reports on your business' performance. You're investing potentially millions in marketing without a clear indication of what's working and what isn't. 

Plus, sales can go down just because the weather isn't cooperating.

What if you could monitor your business's performance in realtime, knowing:

  • Your revenue this week, and month, in real-time?
  • You can address under or over sold tours immediately?
  • How many staff to put in the field and where?
  • How the weather is going to affect sales?
  • Where to put your marketing dollars to return the most sales?

This summer would be your best season ever!

That's what Dashboards powered by CMO in a Box does. We put all your marketing, sales and operations data in one place so you can make the best decisions.

Make $6 for every $1 spent with us.



How does it work?

1. Align

Work with you to determine the metrics and business performance questions you want tracked

2. collect + analyze

Securely collect your data, then answer your questions with our AI + Machine Learning algorithms

3. share

Display the results in easy-to-understand Dashboard so you can take immediate action! 

I created CMO in a Box after sitting with 1000’s of companies trying to figure out if their marketing, sales and operations were working. All we needed was the right information so we could take action. Today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology makes gathering, analyzing and displaying the right information for you to take action on possible.
— Aaron Vidas, StrategyBox Founder

How Do I Start?


  • Our team of Data Scientists + Business Analysts chat with you to align on your marketing goals, data sources and expected results. Our goal is to give you answers that you can take action on and drive your business forward


  • Accessed anytime online, your Dashboard is always available to you.


Based on number of data sources and you know all fees upfront, we charge:

  • Set-up: One Time Fee
  • On-Going: Per dashboard, per month

Typically our rates are 5-8% of your marketing spend or 1-2% of an IT budget. 

For every $1 you spend with StrategyBox we will show you how to make $6.

Get your marketing and operations questions answered today. No more wondering, just solid data you can take action on.


  • What if my data is all over the place? Our experienced team members will work with you to collect, catalog and cleanse your data in order to perform the analysis  

  • Where does your benchmarking data come from? We have access to public and private databases with the business performance of 1000’s of businesses. Assembling them all into a private database we leverage to create our Data Models

  • Why can’t someone on my team do this? They could! However, in our experience the combination of data collection and normalization, statistical modeling and access to benchmarking data are unavailable even to large businesses. We can deliver insights faster and more accurately than an in-house Business Intelligence team

  • Will my data be secure? We employ industry-standard encryption at every stage of contact with you and your data

  • What if I only need this done once? We offer special rates for one-off Dashboards

Ready to know how you're doing in real time, save 100's of hours + make more?