What Online + Offline Marketing Activities Drive Sales?

Impossible to know how your online + offline marketing efforts are driving sales?

Not anymore.

StrategyBox Marketing Attribution is a cloud-based statistical modelling service that ingests your advertising, conversion and purchase data to determine what online + offline marketing activities are actually driving sales. 

The 'Old Way' is knowing half your marketing works, but not knowing what half. 

Now with StrategyBox Marketing Attribution you have the whole picture.

Book a 15 minute Attribution Strategy Call today. We can talk about your marketing goals and how marketing attribution will help you drive more sales immediately.

why is so hard to link sales with your marketing efforts? the path to purchase isn't a straight line anymore


The path to purchase isn't linear anymore. You see an ad on tv, maybe a piece of content on facebook, attend an in-store event and three months later buy after clicking on an instagram ad.

This is a huge problem for you, the marketer. It's hard to tell what marketing activities are actually having an impact.

  • How much did that campaign actually contribute to a sale?  
  • What patterns of clicks, content and "real world" events are driving a customer to buy?
  • How many more sales could you make if you optimized to your highest ROI campaigns and channels?

Your customer data - coupled with the right analysis and benchmarks - gives you those answers.

The only way to see through that COMPLEXITY is customer data


10 social networks with a combined 7.69B monthly users have been created since 2000. 5000+ marketing technology solutions for connecting with or handling a customer now exist.

Businesses collect more data on their customers than ever before. The challenge is you practically need a PhD in statistics to derive anything useful from that firehose of data.

That's where StrategyBox comes in.


We are the pipes and tools to collect all that customer data and make it actionable. 

Strategybox marketing attribution 

We examine your advertising, browsing, conversion and purchase data to determine what marketing activities actually drive customers to buy.

All delivered in an easy-to-understand, jargon-free report via email, Slack or your favourite Business Intelligence tool.

How does it work?

1. define the opportunity

We combine our deep Data Science and Sales + Marketing experience to define what results you're really after. Ensuring the right questions are answered. 

Then we review your data sources, data quality and our benchmarks to ensure no surprises.

2. ingestion + normalization

Collect + clean data from multiple sources and put it into one place so we can analyze + derive insights from it.

3. attribution

StrategyBox Marketing Attribution Model Types

Attribution is a fancy word for assigning rules, and weights, to actions in a sequence. Our marketing attribution model visualizes your marketing activities. Then uses a series of statistical models to detect significant patterns in how a consumer goes from casual encounter to raving fan of your brand.

We use a combination of statistical models to ensure our insights are sound. Above are just three of the models we employ.

4. Visualization

Your data, and insights, displayed in easy to follow graphs and with insights written in plain English. 

How Do I Start?

Set-up (2-4 Weeks)

  • Answer a short questionnaire about your goals, strategy and data sources
  • Our team of Data Scientists + Business Analysts chat with you to align on your marketing goals, data sources and expected results


  • Accessed anytime online, your Attribution Model and ROI Report can be updated on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis


Based on number of data sources and whether you need a weekly, monthly or quarterly reports delivered. You know all fees upfront:

  • Set-up: One Time Fee
  • On-Going: Monthly 

Our rates provide more value than using an in-house Business Intelligence resource or hiring a Data Scientist.

For every $1 you spend with StrategyBox we will show you how to make $8.

Get the full picture of your marketing performance today, book a 15 minute call now. We'll chat about your goals and how marketing attribution can help you grow sales.  

who is strategybox?

"I’ve advised the C-Suites of startups to $250M+ companies on marketing strategy. When it came to figure out how much to spend on marketing, everyone just threw up their hands. 

I thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way.' I've spent the past seven years cataloguing the acquisition costs, patterns of buying behaviour and marketing strategies of 1000’s of business models. Building that data into our tools. 

I want to make your customer data simple and effective. That way you can spend time producing great products and experiences. Not worrying whether some Adword campaign is working."

 - Aaron Vidas, Founder

For every $1 you spend with StrategyBox

we aim to provide $8 in sales


  • What if my data is all over the place? Our experienced team members will work with you to collect, catalog and cleanse your data in order to perform the analysis  

  • Where does your benchmarking data come from? We have access to private databases of conversion and usability metrics as well as reviewing 1000’s of business models across multiple industries. Assembling them all into a private database we leverage to create our Attribution Models.

  • Why can’t someone on my team do this? They could! However, in our experience the combination of customer data collection and normalization, statistical modeling and access to benchmarking data are unavailable even to large businesses. Also, we can deliver insights faster and more accurately than an in-house Business Intelligence team.

  • Will my data be secure? We employ industry-standard encryption at every stage of contact with you and your data. Unique instances of our models are created just for you. 

  • What if I only need this done once? We offer special rates for one-off projects and reports.

Ready to know how your online marketing is translating into offline sales? 

Book a 15 minute call now and let's chat about how marketing attribution model can help you grow sales, today.