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Use Your Data to Drive Action

Stop waiting weeks for your marketing and operations performance. Stop guessing what marketing activities are driving customers in.

Get just what you need to take profitable action. We are the business intelligence platform for real people. Just the metrics, insights and information you need to move forward.

Save 1000’s of hours, and make $1M’s more, with insights delivered through StrategyBox Dashboards and Reports. All paying for itself in 4-6 months.

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We Drive Results

3-4 hours per week, per employee saved using StrategyBox Dashboards

94% increase in Marketing ROI for a CPG brand following recommendations on campaigns spend using StrategyBox Dashboards

Campaign with 4681% ROI discovered by StrategyBox Reports for a menswear retailer

Average 4-6 month repayment on your StrategyBox investment


StrategyBox Dashboards

It’s all your data in one spot.

See how your marketing is driving conversions and sales. Or how efficient your operations are. Then when to do next to drive conversion and efficiency.

Save 1000’s of hours annually, make $1M’s more.

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Path-to-Purchase Reports

It’s tough to know what marketing activity drove a sale in today’s noisy world.

What did I do that moved someone to buy?
What online advertising drove an in-store visit?
What should I do next to drive up conversions?

Now you know, all in one easy-to-understand Report.

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We’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

We are the world’s only business intelligence platform delivering information on what to do next to drive up conversion and efficiency.


Platforms we support

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Ready to stop data overwhelm, save 1000’s of hours, and convert more?