10% Increase in Sales in 4 Weeks using Data-Driven Insights from StrategyBox

March 5, 2019 - Vancouver, BC – Marketing Attribution provider StrategyBox announces today it's new Marketing Attribution Intensive, a four week engagement to help retail and tech companies determine how marketing is driving sales. Then what to do next to increase sales.


With StrategyBox's data-driven approach, and proprietary algorithms honed by working with 1000's of ecommerce sites and 100's of companies the service can deliver a 10-15% increase in sales in 4 - 8 weeks of launch.


“The average retail or software company has one or two marketing activities driving the bulk of their sales. Our process helps them discover those are activities, then gets your team aligned on what to do next in order to drive up sales,” says StrategyBox Founder, Aaron Vidas.


CMO's can also use the service to discover, and justify, the return on investment for their marketing. “I developed the solution because I saw CEO’s and CMO’s on overwhelm. They’re asking ‘Are we spending enough on facebook ads? Did that Influencer we spent $40k on actually drive sales? Is there something on our site slowing people down from buying?’ continues Vidas.


Using machine learning to make 100k's of calculations  a brand can see what marketing activities - from influencer content to Adwords - are actually driving customers into their store. In four weeks a client has:

·       Their specific marketing questions about marketing performance answered

·       What paid campaigns, and content, are driving customers to buy

·       What to spend, when and where, to drive up sales

·       A plan, and partner, to implement those changes

 Space is limited for the first cohort of customers. Visit, or email sales(at) to schedule a walkthrough of the Process today.