StrategyBox comes out of stealth mode - Making Your Data, and AI, Easy

In 2018 we create more data in a day than was created in all 2000 years of written history and only .05% of it is acted upon. Businesses from the CEO on down know there’s incredible value in their data. Unless you’re a billion dollar company it’s tough to leverage business intelligence tools, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to your advantage .

That changes today with StrategyBox, it's custom Dashboards and Reports for you. These are essential tools for small and medium-size businesses who want to leverage their data and drive action. For instance, easily understand how your marketing efforts drive sales in one Dashboard. With our Clarity Algorithm Library™️ you also know what to do next to drive up sales and efficiency.  

On average, customers using our Dashboards see a 90% increase in marketing ROI after launch. Plus, they save 3-4 hours per week, per employee previously spent on reporting.  

Want to see similar value? We can help with - 

  • Data Strategy -  how-to get started leveraging your data, keeping it secure and the business case for doing it.

  • Marketing Dashboards - how your marketing efforts translate into sales. Then what to do next to drive up sales. 

  • Attribution Reports - In an ocean of posts, influencers and rising acquisition costs our Attribution Reports show you what your most profitable customers look like. How-to make it as easy as possible to find you and how you can reach more of those customers.

  • Influencer ROI Reports – see the return hired Social Media Influencers provide your brand.

  • Conversion Optimization - when even a .01% increase in conversion can mean 1M’s in sales we leverage insights, and findings, gained from reviewing 8,800 sites to see what does, and doesn’t drive conversion. Then prioritize what to change to drive up conversion. 

Why is StrategyBox so effective? We all learn differently, yet information about our businesses is presented in the exact same way.  Our AI technology understands how you learn, then customizes how information is presented to just you. That way it's intuitively understood, you trust it and take action with it.

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