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Drive Action With Your Data.

Less than .5% of data collected is analyzed or used. StrategyBox Dashboards translates your data into digestible information so you can take action on it.

We save you 3-4 hours per week, per employee spent on collating reports. Plus, deliver insights on what to do next to drive up sales and efficiency.

Dashboards pays for itself within the first 4-6 months.

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All Your Data in One Spot

We help you select the right metrics to track. Then connect with the dozens of platforms, programs and agencies you use to market and run your business.

Then deliver a personalized Dashboard via email, Slack or text. Saving you 3-4 hours per week, per employee traditionally spent on reporting.

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Driving Profitable Action

StrategyBox Dashboards includes Recommendations, powered by the Clarity Algorithm™️. It shows you what to do next to drive up conversions and drive efficiency.

Recommendations drove a 94% increase in marketing ROI for an international CPG brand. Discovered an Instagram campaign with a 4681% ROI for a menswear retailer.

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Why use Strategybox Dashboards?

More sales, same marketing spend

Our Clarity Algorithm™️ identifies what marketing activities are driving sales and who your most profitable customers are.

Time Saved

We save you and your teams 1000's of hours annually spent in the drudgery of collating and presenting reports.

The Right Metrics
We have 50+ years combined experience helping companies determine what to track to reach their goals. As well as benchmarks to see how you're performing against competitors.

We integrate with your favourite platforms

Don’t see a platform you use in your business? Talk to us.

We’ve designed StrategyBox Dashboards to work with hard to integrate systems. Plus, provide data - like campaign-level Facebook data - that others don’t.


StrategyBox pays for itself within the first 4-6 months.

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What if my data is all over the place?
Our experienced team members will work with you to collect, catalog and cleanse your data in order to get it into your Dashboard.

Why can’t someone on my team do this?
In our experience we cut the time for Dashboard installation by 50% compared to self-service solutions like Klipfolio and DOMO. Plus, our team has processes designed to ensure you're tracking the right metrics.

Do you do this for agencies?
We set-up Dashboards for agencies every week.

Will my data be secure?
We employ industry-standard encryption at every stage of contact with you and your data.

What if I want to manage this in-house after you set it up?
We offer special rates for one-off projects.

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Ready to stop data overwhelm, save 1000’s of hours, and convert more?