Marketing Attribution Report

What moved a customer to buy?
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In an ocean of posts, influencers and acquisition costs, how do you determine what actually moves someone to buy?

StrategyBox Attribution Reports determines what your most profitable customers look like. How to make it as easy as possible for them to find you. Then find what Audiences and Channels to hit next in order to grow.

All in one easy to understand Report.

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What to do Next to Drive up Conversions + Sales

You’re under pressure to deliver more conversions, fast. You might have a lot of data at your disposal. But should you invest in Snapchat? Spend more on PR?

Attribution Reports answer those questions by identifying the path your customers take to from first encounter to purchase. Then the optimal combination of content, clicks and ads that make them buy.

Then we identify the Audiences, and Channels, you haven’t touched yet to convert yet even more.

We Drive Results

For the world’s largest online Financial Course we identified the exact search terms, channels and ad spend bringing in the company’s most profitable customers. Then who to target next to drive more conversions.

An international Menswear retailer had a Instagram campaign driving 4681% ROI identified by our Attribution Report.

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What you get:

- Detailed psychographics of your most profitable customers

- Your optimal audiences, marketing channels and website elements to drive up conversion
- Size of new target audience in specific geographies
- Ideal pacing of advertising to an Audience to convert them
- How much to spend to convert the most customers

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Ready to take advantage of your data, find new customers, and convert more?