Who We Are

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“How do you make sense of that data that can lead to more customers, less waste and more fun?

That's what StrategyBox is about. Giving people insights into their data in a language and format they understand and can take action on.

We're doing that by building a company where people are allowed to do great work.

It's a culture of no bullsh*t, honest feedback and where the ideas that provide the most value to the customer win. It’s a place where you understand what your role is, how it contributes to the bigger picture, and processes just work. And if something isn't working, you’re empowered to fix it.

We hire those who can empathize and communicate with their colleagues. Be vulnerable and be strong when the time calls. Who have a genuine curiosity about the world and know how to make fun of themselves.”

- Aaron Vidas, Founder

Interested in joining as a customer or team member? Let me know.